Chocolate Overload

by lizzikmund

The Starbucks by our house has coffee tastings every Thursday so of course we go, we are addicted.

We are at Starbucks so often that we now have real friendships with some baristas.
A barista and I came to an agreement that I would bake something tasty to go with this past weeks tasting.

I had a very busy Wednesday and Thursday preparing some amazing little bites of perfection.

I love baking so much. I got this idea from a cupcake, but turned them into little cake balls.

The final treat was rolled into a ball, full of chocolate chips and then covered in caramel & chocolate! It was insane!
The best mini treat I’ve ever made. I was so happy with how they turned out.

The cake balls were paired with Starbucks Espresso Blend and it was a wonderful pairing! The next day the barista had another tasting the next day with her general manager & district manager. She used the cake balls and had the new reserve from Starbucks, which was also a great pairing!