A Wife, A Pug, and A Blog

Knitting Machine

I feel like a machine lately. I have been knitting so much and I absolutely love it! I learned how to make a simple ribbed beanie, and have completed two and working on a third. I have made a few mistakes, some for distraction and others because I was confused. Learning to decrease while making a hat for the first time was a little hard but I did it!
I have so many projects I want to do, I can’t wait to learn more and make more!




Burlap & Yarn fall in love!

Since I’ve joined a knit club with some very amazing friends of mine my knitting has immensely improved! It’s so exciting, I completed my first hat with only a few minor mistakes but otherwise a success.

I have a lot of projects lined up including two custom hats that someone is going to pay for!

Yesterday I completed a knitted flower that I attached to a burlap wreath! I love how it looks. The flower was extremely simple and beautiful to make. I will definitely be making more.

Here’s the link for the pattern I used.


Bring it on Fall!

Fall will be here before we know it so that means our doors and walls need wreaths! I just listed two Fall wreaths!

Click hereto see my new wreaths on Etsy!

I will also soon be adding this really fun burlap wreath!




Coffee Filled Nights

This week for the coffee tasting at Starbucks we were lucky enough to taste the new Guatemala coffee. We paired it with blueberry lemon bars that I made. It was a tasty pairing!


A Room full of Yarn!!

Knitting this summer has been so much fun because of knit club! I love getting together every week with all the gals and just knitting! We make coffee and usually have yummy pastries.
My knitting has really improved over the summer. I’m working on a hat now and it’s way easier than I thought!
I can’t wait to start my next project!

This week we all got together at Leslie’s new apartment, her sweet cat Carlos was really enjoying the endless amounts of yarn!
Leslie finished this huge amazing scarf that she & Brittany decided to both wear.

Thursday was a bit of a sad day, it was the last knit club gathering for two of the girls. Margaret is on her way to start her freshman year at Indiana University. Brittany is on her way back to Spain where she works and lives.





Chocolate Overload

The Starbucks by our house has coffee tastings every Thursday so of course we go, we are addicted.

We are at Starbucks so often that we now have real friendships with some baristas.
A barista and I came to an agreement that I would bake something tasty to go with this past weeks tasting.

I had a very busy Wednesday and Thursday preparing some amazing little bites of perfection.

I love baking so much. I got this idea from a cupcake, but turned them into little cake balls.

The final treat was rolled into a ball, full of chocolate chips and then covered in caramel & chocolate! It was insane!
The best mini treat I’ve ever made. I was so happy with how they turned out.

The cake balls were paired with Starbucks Espresso Blend and it was a wonderful pairing! The next day the barista had another tasting the next day with her general manager & district manager. She used the cake balls and had the new reserve from Starbucks, which was also a great pairing!






Friendly Neighbor

We’ve been in our new house for a month now and love it! We’ve met all the neighbors almost and everyone is great! Most everyone around us is older and either retired or heading that way.

Our second day in the house we got cookies from an awesome lady who turned out to be family of a good friend of ours.
Yesterday we were given this beautiful gift from the couple behind us, they are both retired. Dorothy recently went to a lace convention and picked this up for us thinking we’d like it.

She was right, we love it!


Monday at Starbucks

It’s a lazy Monday night! The husband and I came to Starbucks for some reading and knitting.
I learned how to knit a hat so I’m making one for Quincy, he is really excited about it and it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Knit Club on Thursday’s has definitely helped my knitting.


Happy Monday!

Transform junk into Art!

I really like to make things from junk. I try to recycle as much as I can. I found a super fun way to turn junk into cool things to hang on the wall.
I plan to actually do designs but I just did a lot of randomness for the first two projects.

What do you with your junk?




We are homeowners!

My husband and I closed on our house on July 14th. We are all moved in and absolutely love it. We have 1,347 square feet of awesomeness! We have beautiful hard wood floors, original glass knobs on most of the doors and the most amazing master bedroom.

We completely moved in our house in less than 6 hours. We had a lot of help from family and friends which really made it possible for us to get in the day we closed. We have a long list of projects we plan to do which I can’t wait to start on. We are going to redo then kitchen and hall bathroom. We are going to paint the entire interior and stain some of the faded wood floors.

I’m slowly but surely getting our house unpacked and organized. The house warming party is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

We have a great yard with a lot of potential. Next spring we are going to plant a beautiful garden. This fall we are putting up a privacy fence so our pug Murphie can run free. We are going to build a patio in the back and a vegetable garden as well.

Over the weekend we got a lot of things we needed for the house including a awesome cherry kitchen island, a new LG fridge and tons of small things.